The thermostat in any home in the Los Angeles metro area will get a workout. Many people elect to install programmable thermostats to reduce the number of times they have to interact with the system. Naturally, they often wonder if there are benefits beyond no longer getting up to change the setting. Here is a look at some of the benefits of a programmable thermostat in your home.


If you’re going to be out of your house for a long period, there isn’t much sense in having the HVAC system running. People who work during the day may not want to pay to air condition an empty house, for example. A programmable thermostat allows you to set the timing for when the HVAC unit will kick on. If you get home at a certain hour, you might program the system to kick on 15 or 20 minutes before you’re likely to arrive.

Notably, many newer programmable units also are compatible with phones and even voice assistants in cars. Rather than focusing on a specific time, you may be able to program the system to start when you’re so many minutes away from home.

Energy and Cost Efficiency

Programmable systems tend to be more energy efficient. Foremost, handing control to an automated system reduces the human tendency to mess with the thermostat. Secondly, running the program based on the time of the day can allow you to avoid running the system hard during the worst hours. Especially if you’re dealing with a demand-based electricity pricing system, this can help you avoid running the A/C heavily during the most expensive hours.

Zone Control

Many houses also have zone-controlled HVAC systems. For example, lots of homeowners have rooms that they don’t constantly use. You might have an extra bedroom that largely acts as storage. As long as the A/C unit keeps the humidity at the right level for the stored items, there isn’t much need to treat that zone the same as the living room. Using zone control, the programmable thermostat can ensure that every part of your house has the right temperature and humidity level.

Remote Access

Programmable thermostats are highly integrated with apps and voice assistants. You also can often integrate the system with your home’s security or entertainment setup. The net effect is better remote access to the thermostat settings. If you don’t want to crawl out from under the covers to adjust the temperature on a chilly night, just grab your phone and change the setting.

You also can adjust the thermostat based on your current activities. If you’ll be in the backyard grilling for most of the afternoon, you can reduce the HVAC activity level until it’s time to go inside. Once you’re ready to go in, kick the system on to ensure the house will be comfortable.


Keeping tabs on your home’s energy usage is very useful. For example, you might wonder whether it’s time to update the air conditioning system. It can be hard to convert the feeling that it’s time for a replacement into more than a vibe, though. With good data from years of operation, you’ll have a better sense of how well the system is running.

This data is also useful for understanding your bills. A programmable system can track weather information and usage. If you’re worried that the HVAC usage is unusually high, you can compare it to the conditions. This will let you know whether the unusual usage is due to unusual weather or if there might be something wrong with the system.


Newer HVAC units can provide significant amounts of data to the programmable thermostat. If you’re trying to optimize your home’s system to provide the most heating and cooling for the lowest price, this level of integration is very useful. Also, a highly optimized HVAC system won’t run unnecessarily hard over its lifetime. That can extend the life of the system potentially by years. With a few weeks of operation, you should be able to dial the settings close to optimal.

Notably, the more advanced programmable units also have built-in learning routines. They can watch your usage and then tailor the HVAC unit’s operations to specific goals. This gives support if you want to reduce your energy bills. The learning system can study your usage and identify potentially costly patterns. It can then set the system to run more optimally based on what it has learned.


If you’re taking a fairly long vacation, you don’t want to pay for HVAC usage. Setting the system to vacation mode will provide the confidence that it’ll run often enough to prevent condensation without overdoing it. Also, you can remotely access the system while you’re away. Suppose you’ve asked your neighbor to check in on the house while you’re going. You can set the system to run so they don’t have to enter a sweltering house on a hot day. Once they’re gone, you simply reset the thermostat to vacation mode.

Maintenance Alerts

Small moments of attention are important for keeping an HVAC unit in top operating condition. Even forgetting to deal with a simple task like replacing the filters can impair the system’s operation. These little oversights add up over the life of a system.

A programmable thermostat can provide maintenance alerts for numerous reasons. You can get alerts to replace the filters, schedule an annual check-up, and perform seasonal cleaning. You can even arrange alerts for when the HVAC system is approaching the end of its warranty period. Likewise, the programmable thermostat can forward those alerts to your phone or email.

Value Added

The big comfort systems in a home often add to its market value. In the same way that a small kitchen renovation boosts a home’s price, a programmable thermostat can benefit homeowners. Buyers like the convenience of the system. Also, the presence of a programmable thermostat lets them know that the HVAC system has had an efficient and easier life. Even if you don’t aim to sell soon, a programmable setup will have value down the road.

Making the Most of Your HVAC With a Programmable Thermostat

Your home’s thermostat controls the comfort level. It also protects your investment by keeping humidity levels within normal specifications. A programmable thermostat can make a huge difference in how well the HVAC system will handle both of those jobs. While the short-term cost of a programmable thermostat is a bit higher than it would be with a manual setup, the long-term benefits can be immense

The professionals at Belle Air Services have access to a wide range of options including AC, heating, and indoor air quality services. Our team members have plenty of experience, and they can find the right thermostat for programming your home’s systems. We employ manufacturer-certified technicians who know how to get the most out of every setup. Specials and financing are also available. Contact Belle Air Services in Playa Vista today and schedule a time for a technician to install a programmable thermostat in your house.

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